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Family Photo Session On Marietta Square – Atlanta Family Photographer

After putting off the family portraits we normally take over Easter, the Parkers finally gathered at Marietta Square for some family portraits. The bow ties were my idea, and not a huge hit with a certain nephew (*cough* LEVI! *cough), but they photographed really well! The boys are all getting SO tall, I busted out […]

Ernest Goes to …….Georgia?! {Atlanta Family Photographer}

How do you define “classic?”  Does an iconic movie character qualify if discovered and imitated by a new generation?  Apparently the trademark “Eewww” of Ernest P. Worrell as brought to life by the late actor Jim Varney transcends generations.   “Ernest Goes to Camp” is a masterpiece of slapstick, over the top, redonkulous humor learn this […]

Mobley Family on the Farm {Marietta Family Photographer}

Gorgeous weather, lovely country setting, and a fantastic family equals…….a truly fabulous session.  It’s always a special thing to see multiple generations of family spending time together and celebrating life.  When they do it in a gorgeous pasture lit be beautiful, golden sunshine, it’s hard to beat!  Presenting, the Mobley’s slideshow:

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