We Grow ‘Em Tall in these parts

Today was Mother’s Day, which of course meant that I spent some time with my family. I have nephews, which means that I have three little testosterone-fueled mini men. Competitiveness is a given. Our family slants to the tall side, so achievement in terms of height is a big deal. Last year my oldest nephew, Caleb, was clearly catching up with the most petite member of the family: his great-grandmother. This year….well, that ship has sailed. He has definitely caught up with her.  At age 10 he is 5’1″, the same as poor little Grandma Parker.  Dad and I are both 5’10″……I looked at him and stated that our 9″ advantage won’t last long!

Grandma and Caleb – Mother’s Day 2011

Grandma and Caleb – Mother’s Day 2012

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