Mothers’ Day 2012 {Atlanta Family Photographer}

It’s been brought to my attention that I still haven’t blogged several spring family functions. It’s been super busy around here! So, without further ado, we’ll start with the lady of the day……Mom!

A major issue that had to be addressed early in the day:  updated height status.  This is a big deal around these parts, as the (formerly) little dudes are shooting up at an alarming rate.  Caleb is only 10 but had already passed 5 feet and has Dad square in his sites.  And Levi is right behind him.  Oh, dear.

Look out, Dad.  They’re going to be looking you in the eyeballs sooner than you think.

A little relaxation and conversation in the living room between Grandma Parker and Paula.

There is no escaping the Wii.  It’s powers are VERY entertaining.

Paula’s gift from Ian was a handmade pendant that he drew at school, then cured in the oven by his teacher.  It really turned out cute.

He’s the real deal….need I say more?

Yep, this one is the dapper don who likes to be dressed up if at all possible.  Love his affection for ties and the penny loafers I bought him.  🙂

Ian gets a snuggle from his great grandmother.

Always ready for his closeup.  And I do mean always!
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