Parker Family Photo on Marietta Square

FINALLY we got around to shooting our ‘official’ spring family photo. Of course, it’s nearly summer now, but whatever! (Mom took a fall at home the day before Easter, the normally appointed day, so we had to reschedule) We chose Marietta Square, which is central for all of us, and went with a spring time color palette of blue/yellow/orange. Dad already owned several bow ties so I went shopping to purchase a few more so all the dudes in the family could coordinate. My youngest nephew Ian, the clothes horse of the boys, was thrilled. Middle nephew Levi, not so much–he’s in a stage where he wants to wear only t-shirts, athletic shorts, socks, and rubber sport sandals. Bleck!

Still it was all worth it to get the images made. Oldest nephew Caleb, at only age 11, is tall and within striking distance of catching up with both Dad and I. So I wore 3 inch heels…..yep, I’ll be hanging onto that edge as long as possible. Give him another year, maybe even 8 months, and I bet he’ll have caught up to us. A 5’10” 12 year old….oh my!

Can’t take credit for this idea….I think it was my sister who remembered I had taken a photo of Caleb as a baby on the stage in the middle of Marietta Square. So I trotted him out there and took a current photo at the same location. Of course when i got home I just HAD to dig into the archives to find that old photo (shot on film), scan it, and put it side by side with the current image. It’s just AMAZING how time flies by!


It is simply IMPOSSIBLE for these boys to be in front of the camera without goofing off.


What am I saying? It’s not just the boys…..the whole family is nuts!

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