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How Should Headshots Be Printed?

How should professional headshots be printed? Do you need to print your headshot? If you are a business person, it’s a valid question. Most headshots for business will be primarily used on LinkedIn, company websites, and marketing collateral. On the other hand, a professional print can be a meaningful and lasting gesture for your family. […]

Can Headshots Be Outdoors?

Can Headshots be outdoors? Absolutely! As with any other question regarding ‘how’ with headshots, it really goes back to the ‘why’ to arrive at the best answer. Headshots are, by definition, an image that includes primarily the head and shoulders of an individual. It is not a portrait, nor is it a landscape or defined […]

“Her vision and attention to detail is second to none.” – Client Feedback

“Nina is an awesome photographer. Her headshot of me garnered me more Facebook likes on my page than anything else I have posted. Her vision and attention to detail is second to none.” Hearing that my clients are thrilled with their headshots absolutely makes my day.  Providing people with a polished image to help them […]

Behind the Scenes – Peeking Behind the Curtain on a Real Photo Shoot {Atlanta Headshot Photographer}

Behind the Scenes……a day in the life here at the studio.  The lovely Joan came in today for a business headshot for LinkedIn.  We used natural light in the studio space for her shoot, reviewed them together in the Client Room, and made a final decision to select her new headshot.  Easy peasy!  Now her […]

Behind the Scenes – New Instagram Account

Big news!  We’ve decided to launch a new Instagram account specifically for headshots.  Going forward @NinaParkerPhoto will be focused on portraits, both humans and pets, while @NinaParkerStudios will be dedicated to headshots. Obviously there will be plenty of headshots, as well as behind the scenes shots from the studio and various shoot locations around Atlanta.  […]

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