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Ernest Goes to …….Georgia?! {Atlanta Family Photographer}

How do you define “classic?”  Does an iconic movie character qualify if discovered and imitated by a new generation?  Apparently the trademark “Eewww” of Ernest P. Worrell as brought to life by the late actor Jim Varney transcends generations.   “Ernest Goes to Camp” is a masterpiece of slapstick, over the top, redonkulous humor learn this […]

Mobley Family on the Farm {Marietta Family Photographer}

Gorgeous weather, lovely country setting, and a fantastic family equals…….a truly fabulous session.  It’s always a special thing to see multiple generations of family spending time together and celebrating life.  When they do it in a gorgeous pasture lit be beautiful, golden sunshine, it’s hard to beat!  Presenting, the Mobley’s slideshow:

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