Headshot for a Digital Brand Strategist – Atlanta Headshot Photographer

Not everyone can say they consult for huge conglomerates and industry leaders for their digital brand strategies. Angie, however, is one of these people. She regularly interacts with movers and shakers, decision makers, and is comfortable and confidant in front of corporate audiences. She also has another professional identity as a global representative of business in a governmental/policy-type organization. When we talked about all this during our Skype consultation my reaction was, “Wow….okay–that is a lot to consider.” The question was, how to interpret this in terms of styling, body language, facial expression, color scheme, and essentially how to go about creating an image that immediately communicated her intelligence and proficiency while keeping her looking approachable. Going with her favorite color of blue was easy–then it was a matter of experimenting with pose and micro expression to get just what we wanted. And here are the results!

AngieGraves-Headshots-NinaParkerStudio-0033-WEB AngieGraves-Headshots-NinaParkerStudio-0106-WEB

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