Nadine’s Headshot Session – Atlanta Headshot Photographer

Sometimes it’s when you least expect it that you meet interesting people. Attending a large, crowded networking event several months back I decided to take advantage of the food provided, fixed a small plate, and sat down at a nearly empty bar away from the crowd to eat. I wasn’t the only one with that bright idea, and thus I met Nadine. We started chatting, found we actually had some acquaintances in common, and enjoyed a nice conversation. She admitted it had been quite some time since she’d updated her headshot, and said she’d like to come in for a session. Cut to last week when she reached out by email, and we set it up. She thoroughly enjoyed her time having hair and makeup done and chatted with my awesome artist Mr. Scoobie West about products and style tips. Then we created some lovely headshots for her. She was thrilled and I’m very happy knowing she’ll be moving forward proud of the new image she’ll be showcasing on her LinkedIn and marketing materials. Glad to get to know her a bit better–she looks stunning in her wine colored sweater.


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