Executive and Lifestyle Headshots – John {Atlanta Headshot Photographer}

Sometimes people have such an interesting voice and personality over the phone or email you’re just SO eager to meet them in person! That was very much the case with John. He had a great deal of charm and humor just oozing through the phone, so when he and his partner arrived for the session I was charmed immediately. He had a very pleasant and engaging air about him, it was very natural to chat and laugh and just feel like I’d made a new friend. For the session John decided on polished, professional look for one image, as well as a relaxed, casual shot for his social media. He was super handsome in both. They were very pleased with the results, just as I was very pleased with meeting them and the results of the session. Hope these images show John off to advantage in all his endeavors!

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JohnBranstetter.Headshots.NinaParkerStudios.IMG_0028-WEB JohnBranstetter.Headshots.NinaParkerStudios.IMG_0060-WEB

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