How Should Headshots Be Printed?

An example of a flattering, beautifully lit headshot in natural light, taken in studio, that can serve as both a business or marketing images as well as a personal portrait.

How should professional headshots be printed?

Do you need to print your headshot? If you are a business person, it’s a valid question. Most headshots for business will be primarily used on LinkedIn, company websites, and marketing collateral.

On the other hand, a professional print can be a meaningful and lasting gesture for your family. When is the last time you’ve had a current, flattering photo of JUST you? (I rest my case) Your mom or your spouse or your kids may very well treasure a fantastic shot of the person they love. So first, make sure you get a great headshot, which you CAN if you go to the right photographer and WILL if you come to me. Next, get it professionally printed.

For those in the creative fields, a print may be required. Actors need to have 8×10 glossies at the ready. And no, your local pharmacy chain or big box store is NOT a good option. The color, contrast, and tone of the image needs to be accurately represented to be accurate, effective, and impactful. hat WILL NOT happen if the printing source uses a random, uncalibrated machine with subpar paper and ink. Why pay for a professional headshot and then devalue it with a cheap print process?

“A professionally photographed and printed headshot is a vital tool in an actor’s toolbox. When your ‘glossy’ is in a pile on a casting agent’s desk you want both the image and the quality of the comp card to make them pause when they get to yours.”-Garrin Evan of OnPoint Headshots in Fort Lauderdale


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