Q) Where do sessions take place?  Do you have a studio?

A) Sessions take place at my home studio in Smyrna, at your office location (for groups of 6 or more), or at a public location, depending on each client’s individual need.


Q) What is the process?
There is no limit to the number of shots taken during a session–basically I shoot until I’m satisfied that we have an acceptable amount of images of that specific look. Images are reviewed with the client at the session in order to insure satisfaction, that way any concerns can be addressed immediately and additional images taken if needed. Headshots are usually shot in a vertical format–if you have a specific need for something different or the other please let me know before or during your session.

At the conclusion of your session images are reviewed and favorites are selected. Final images are then edited and are usually emailed within a week. Images are archived for a year from the date of your photo session.

Q) When will I see my pictures? Most individual headshot clients choose to view their images on the computer immediately upon completion of the session to review and make decisions. This allows for a “one and done” appointment and final edited images are usually emailed to you 48 hours after your appointment. An online gallery can also be set up, especially for large groups photographed on location.


Q) Do you travel for sessions?

A) I do.  Clients have contacted me from all over the state of Georgia, as well as South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama.  Travel expenses are not covered in basic session pricing, so ask for a custom quote.


Q) Why is a payment of the session fee and a completed contract required prior to the session?

A) My goal is to provide exquisite images and unparalleled service to my clients.  Professionalism and communication are essential parts of that equation.  While I count many clients as friends, it is still a business situation, and it is in everyone’s best interests to have our agreement in writing.  A completed portrait agreement and paid session fee confirms that I am reserving that time for you, and you are committing to honor my time and preparation by arriving for your session promptly and prepared.


Q) I’m not sure what to wear and how to prepare for my shoot. Do you have any suggestions?

A) In general, solids and strong colors are the best options. Prints should be avoided if at all possible. For business professionals a suit jacket in a conservative color like charcoal or navy is a good choice. A dress shirt in pale blue, grey, or ivory is less stark than white, and ties in strong colors with minimal print are best. For lifestyle headshots or actors/models I suggest simple lines, solid colors, and minimal fussy details. It’s never a bad idea to bring an extra outfit, and make sure your clothes are free of stains and wrinkles.

Professional Makeup for the session is strongly suggested for all women. Trust that professional makeup is applied specifically for the lighting used and makes a big difference in the final product. We start very naturally to give you a very clean look and add makeup as we go (view examples the portfolios on my main site). Your makeup artist should be there throughout the session in order to give you a subtle range of looks. We ask that everyone come in with their hair ready as if they are going to an interview or audition. We want your hair in your headshot to match the way you will look in person. You are in charge here and your hair has to look like something that you can recreate yourself. With hair I’ve found that it is such a personal thing it’s best that you feel like you in the pictures, so feel free to bring whatever styling products you need in order to handle creating your look. I also love producing range by changing the hair during the session by putting it up, etc.

It’s not required, but men can hire a makeup artist if you feel you need grooming on the shoot. Professional men: if you wish to look clean shaven in your headshot, schedule your session in the morning or bring your shaving kit with you so you can shave here at the studio. Please do not shoot your session with a 5 o’clock shadow and then request it be edited out. Male models and actors who can grow decent scruff or feel you can market yourself in that direction, you can come in with a some growth and we’ll shoot until we feel we’ve gotten it covered and then you can shave.


Q)  What is a model release?

A)  A photographer’s resume is the images they produce, so part of building my business is showing potential clients my work.  A release states that you understand and acknowledge that your images may be seen on my website, blog, or in my portfolio to demonstrate my photography skills.


Q) Can I reschedule my session?

A) It depends on the reason and how far in advance you contact me.  If a sudden illness, accident, or emergency occurs, please call me as soon as possible, and your session can be rescheduled within 2 weeks time.  If a session time comes and goes without an appearance, call, or text from the client, the retainer is forfeit and another session will not be rescheduled.


Q)  You can fix things in Photoshop, right?

A)  Post processing is part of creating the unique appeal of your pictures.  Each purchased image is adjusted for color, contrast, and retouching to smooth skin and make eyes sparkle.  Having said that, there is no magic wand, in real life or in photography.  Extensive retouching that melts away pounds, alters features, changes haircolor, or irons out the wrinkles in that shirt is time intensive and laborious work. Retouching beyond the normal scope of work is available for an additional charge.


Q)  Money is tight right now:  can I spread out payments for my order?

A)  We cannot allocate time for sessions without a retainer or deliver any products without payment in full.  Because it’s only fair to apply the same business policies to each of our clients, we do not extend credit.


Q)  I’m not happy with my pictures.  Will you do another shoot?

A) Re-shoots are determined at the discretion of the photographer and are handled on a case by case basis.  Because most headshot clients review their images immediately at the completion of the session, any issues can be addressed then while you are still in the studio, eliminating the need for a second session and making sure you leave 100% satisfied.