Can Headshots be Black and White?

middle aged white man black and white headshot



Business Development

Everything old is new again. That can be said of many things, including stylistic choices and trends in clothing, art, business, and social activities.

When it comes to headshots, the good news is that the choice is now up to you, the client. Even relatively recently, film came in either color or black and white. With the advent of digital photography, the same image can be rendered in color, black and white, or both.

The answer is yes, headshots CAN be black and white? The next question is, should they be black and white? This is when usage becomes a critical issue. Headshots for theater and dance companies are often black and white, while acting headshots for TV and film are usually color.

But what about business? Some companies and individuals find the classic look of black and white photography to be a good fit with their branding and company culture. Some utilize both a color AND black and white version of staff headshots, with the B&W version showing as the mouse hovers over the selection, or when the headshot is not selected.

Whatever your preferences or thoughts on black and white, you have the choice. Just make sure to discuss with your photographer ahead of time so they can shoot specifically for the final product.

Norman Jaillet, an experienced headshot photographer in Boston, said “Black and white has a timeless quality that can be appropriate in many different fields and for companies ranging from traditional to creative.”

This client wanted a black and white, more contrasty option among his several headshot looks and was very pleased with this image as the final result.




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