Personal Branding Portraits

BEST FOR:  Clients who want personalized, magazine style images for marketing and social media

Contemporary images tailored to reflect your personality, professional identity, and specific needs. A variety of outfits and looks can be included to provide maximum variety for marketing and social media needs.  These shoots can incorporate headshot orientation as well as sitting, standing, movement, props, and a wider range of expression.  Shooting time is approximately 90 minutes, allowing opportunity for adjusting and finessing posing, multiple outfits and backgrounds, and plenty of direction from the photographer in order to create the best possible images. Unretouched proof images are reviewed at the completion of the session and 5 are chosen to be edited and retouched and emailed to you. The Package is $600 for the Planning Consultation, Photo Shoot, Editing and Full Retouching and Five Digital Images Licensed for Professional Use.  You may add additional images to your package $100 each.

Professional hair and makeup for ladies is strongly encouraged and may be added for $100.





BEST FOR:  Clients who want relaxed, authentic best quality headshots that set them apart

Contemporary Headshots for the professional wanting to invest more time and energy into their professional image and create a range of looks.  The session allows sufficient time for finessing of posing, guiding for natural expressions, and several outfit and background changes.   Variations can include a mix of executive and business casual looks, a combo of professional and creative looks, or a range of expressions or expressions to be used depending on circumstance.  All images are shot as headshots, meaning head and shoulders.

Signature Headshot Package – The rate is $300 for the session and Three (3) Digital Headshot Files.  Shooting time is approximately 45-60 minutes.  After the shoot the unretouched proof images are reviewed immediately and three are selected to be edited for color and exposure and lightly retouched (blemishes, under-eye circles) and emailed to you in both Full and Web Resolution.




BEST FOR:  Clients who want a straightforward, quick in-and-out session or only one image/outfit

Classic Headshots are available at the Smyrna studio Monday through Friday by appointment only.   Your headshot can be photographed in natural light or studio lighting depending on the look and feel you prefer and are composed in classic headshot orientation (head and shoulders).  After the photo shoot your images will be reviewed onscreen so that you may select your top pick.  The image you select will be lightly edited (color, exposure, and contrast) and emailed to you in both Full Resolution and Web Resolution.


Classic Headshot Package – The rate is $120 for the session and One (1) Digital Headshot File.  Shooting time is approximately 5-10 minutes.  One outfit and one backdrop option in included in the shoot.   After the shoot is a brief selection process to choose your image.  This session is ideal for someone wanting the most economic option in terms of time and price point.


On location Headshots are available for groups of 5 or more.  Please call for a custom quote for larger organizations.





Modern headshots and portfolio shots for actors and models, as well as Lifestyle Headshots, are available at the Smyrna studio by appointment only.   The session includes two looks of your choosing–most actors need one theatrical (serious, dramatic) and one commercial (bright, smiling).  We offer a variety of lighting styles including natural light and studio strobe to give you maximum range during your shoot.   After the session your images will be reviewed onscreen so that you may select your top picks.  The images you purchase will be lightly retouched and emailed to you.  The rate is $200 for the session and 2 professionally retouched images in high resolution.  Need a variety of character looks?  Bring lots of outfits and we’ll shoot them and you’ll get 4 retouched headshots for $350.  Comp Card session creating both headshots and bodyshot are $400 and you’ll receive 2 headshots and 2 body shots.  Makeup artists are available for an additional charge.






Events such as corporate functions, birthday parties, holiday events, etc. are priced by the hour.  The rate is $350 for 2 hours, $150 for each additional hour, which includes the photographic coverage and your images delivered electronically via Dropbox with Print Release.  You may add additional features to your coverage, such as a portrait station with backdrop, additional lighting, images delivered on CD or jump drive, or a 2nd photographer.  Please call for a custom quote.



“Nina is extremely talented! A colleague referred her to me for a “professional headshot” (I’m a REALTOR). Nina was able to find an opening in her schedule SAME DAY for me to come in. The session was quick and efficient and — much to my surprise — she was able to make me look fantastic in these pictures! Heck, I wanted to hire myself! Thank you so much, Nina!”  -Danny



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