Executive Preparation Guide

Congratulations on realizing the importance of a good headshot! Whether you’ve just booked your session or are still thinking about, you are well on your way to having a confidant, current image that will further your pursuits. Since you are investing in yourself you’ll likely want to be prepared, so here are some basic guidelines.



What to Wear
This is easily the most common question we hear. The answer is “It Depends.”  Solid colors and clean lines photograph well–avoid prints, fussy details and big jewelry.  Black and white are best avoided for classic headshots.  If you are seeking a new position, in a conservative field, or are unsure about what you might need, a suit or jacket is likely the best choice. A white dress shirt under a suit jacket is fine, although light blue or other color often is less stark against the skin.  For ladies, a pop of color under the suit jacket by way of a shell or blouse can brighten the look but remain conservative.  Gentlemen, ties in strong colors but subtle patterns are good.  Whatever you wear or bring, make sure it is clean and pressed and free of lint and pet hair.  For more casual or creative fields more color and less traditional clothing can be worn.



In both cut of clothing and accessories, classic pieces are the way to go.  When it comes to jewelry, timeless pieces like stud earrings, pearls, or a small pendent necklace can add sparkle without distracting from your face and expression.  Large statement jewelry or trendy pieces can easily overwhelm in a headshot or date the photo.  What about eyeglasses?  If you normally wear glasses, wear them for your shots.  People need to recognize you just as you are on a day to day basis.  Except on rare occasions for some marketing shots where full length is requested, clothing below the waist is not visible, so it is usually unnecessary to worry about pants or shoes when deciding what to bring.



We suggest that any significant changes such as haircuts, hair color, eyebrow waxing, facial treatments, or cosmetic procedures be scheduled a week or even two weeks in advance.  That way you have a chance to get used to the change, adjust if necessary with your stylist, and for any redness or irritation to fade prior to the session.  Simple steps like drinking lots of water and getting sufficient sleep the night before can help your eyes and complexion look their best.

Men, if you have dark facial hair and want to appear cleanly shaven please book your session in the morning, or bring a shaving kit and shave at the studio if your schedule necessitates an afternoon appointment.  If your session will cover more than one look you may start by being photographed with stubble then shave and be photographed clean shaven.


Ladies, you may do your own hair and makeup or have our artist on hand here at the studio to help you get camera ready.  If you are using the studio makeup artist arrive with a clean, moisturized face and dry hair.  If you do your own styling remember that everyday cosmetics and makeup for photos can be different:  minimizing shine with powder or blotting tissues, deepening the definition on the eyes, and going a shade deeper with lip color helps your features stand out.



If an unexpected bump or blemish has made an unwelcome appearance, don’t sweat it:  basic retouching is included.  We’ll edit to remove anything in your photo that either isn’t permanent or is a distraction, but leave things that are part of you, such as birthmarks, moles, etc.   The editing process that all images are subject to includes exposure, color, and contrast adjustments.  Basic retouching also subtly lightens the under eye area, softens glare on the skin, and brightens and sharpens eyes.  Our basic retouching is subtle and natural.  Additional retouches are available on a case by case basis for an additional charge.  Please keep in mind that ‘fixing’ avoidable issues such as wrinkles or stains on clothing and darker or grey roots are not included in the level of retouching included in your package.

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