Headshot Agreement

  • Please fill out the following information and contract to secure your session with Nina Parker Studios. Sessions are not considered scheduled until the contract is completed and session fee has been paid.

  • :
  • Payment Terms and Session Details

  • The client agrees to pay a session fee of $600 (Personal Branding Portraits), $300 (Signature Headshots), $120 (Classic Headshot), $200 (Actor/Model), or Custom Quoted Amount to secure their session. Session Fee is non-refundable, however, may be credited to a future session date and time.

    The client is responsible for additional fees and costs related to location choice such as parking or admission fees. The retainer is due even if the Client stops the session before the end time established.

    This retainer secures:
    • Pre-session Consultation {through phone or email}
    • Headshot Session
    • Immediate Viewing & Ordering Session
    • Custom Re-Touching of selected/purchased images
    • {3} Digital Image with a Print Release - Contemporary Portrait, or
    • {1} Digital Image with a Print Release - Classic Headshot, or
    • {2} Digital Images with a Print Release - Actor/Model Headshot

    Photographer will not travel for these sessions. These are to be held in studio or at a location designated by Photographer and agreed upon by Client.
  • Exclusivity

  • It is understood and agreed that:

    • Cameras/camcorders are NOT allowed during the session unless prior arrangements have been made.
    • Only the subject(s) of the session and their parent(s) and/or guardian should be present at the session.
    • No other photographer will be allowed to photograph or take pictures during the session, while the Photographer is working.

    Unless otherwise agreed by the Parties in writing. This restriction applies to Client and any associates of Client and includes cell-phone cameras, computer cameras, and their equivalents.
  • Postponement and Cancellation

  • You acknowledge that in the event there is a postponement of the assignment Nina Parker Studios will incur expenses and financial loss. Therefore, you agree to notify Nina Parker Studios of a postponement at least forty-eight {48} hours prior to the scheduled assignment.

    If the Photographer cannot perform photography services due to sickness, other casualty, act of God or other causes beyond the control of Nina Parker Studios, then the Photographer shall reschedule the portrait session as soon as possible. In the event that Nina Parker Studios cannot preform the portrait session and it cannot be rescheduled, we will gladly credit any and all paid fees back to the client.

    Under no circumstances shall Nina Parker Studios be held liable for any amount in excess of the retail value of the Client's order or Retainer.

    In the event that the Client cancels the photography session more than 3 days prior to the scheduled session, Nina Parker Studios shall credit all monies toward the sitting fees for a newly arranged date.

    Due to the custom assignment and inablity of the photographer to perform other sessions during the time reserved for the Client, if Nina Parker Studios has received payment for a scheduled assignment, Client will not be entitled to a refund if he or she cancels the assignment.
  • Photographer's Style and Discretion

  • Client understands and agrees that Client is hiring Photographer to perform Photographer's services in Photographer's own discretion and style. Client has no authority to control the manner in which Photographer takes photos. Client has no right to rescind this Agreement in any way if Client is not satisfied with Photographer's photography. Photographer reserves all creative rights for choosing which images will be presented to the client and removing any undesirable images from the collection.

    Photographer will make a good faith effort to achieve Client's desired results. However photography is a subjective art form, and Client acknowledges that Photographer cannot and will not guarantee any particular results, including Client's desired results.
  • Post Processing and Retouching

  • Photographer will perform basic color correction, simple blemish retouching, minimal skin smoothing and tone correction, minimal eye brightening, and sharpening of the overall image. Further retouching will require an additional fee.
  • Clothing, Grooming, and Personal Appearance

  • Client understands and agrees that they are responsible for arriving at the session camera ready in terms of clothing and grooming. Outfits should be clean, pressed, and reasonably free of lint and other debris. Hair color should be fresh without roots or fading/aging. If a clean shaven look is desired client should either make their appointment shortly after they have shaved or bring supplies to do a fresh shave to the studio. Client understands that if issues of this nature are visible or noticeable in the finished images it is not the fault of the Studio. Correction may or may not be possible and will be subject to additional retouching charges starting at $50.
  • Images and Ordering

  • Your images will be available to view immediately upon completion of your headshot session. Due to the custom nature of portraits, all orders are paid in full at the time of ordering. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. All prints and other photographic products are ordered through a professional printing lab and are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. All images remain copyright of Nina Parker Studios and may not be reproduced without written permission of the Photographer. All images are also protected by Federal Copyright Law. Scanned or reproduced images are both illegal and a degradation of the original image quality. Digital images may NOT be altered or edited in any way, including cropping and application of filters or effects, be submitted to contests, or sold/distributed for profit or stock photography unless Photographer agrees in writing. A print release will accompany all high resolution digital files purchased. Nina Parker Studios reserves all Copyright ownership and control. This includes the rights to use photos on the website, Facebook and/or blog and for advertising purposes.
  • Archiving Photos

  • Photographer will archive all purchased digital files for up to {1} year. Photographer does not guarantee back-up photographs, prints or data after this time.

  • Limit of Liability

  • Services provided are non-refundable.

    If for any reason you are not entirely satisfied, communicate with PHOTOGRAPHER immediately so the issue can be resolved during your Session. Reshoots will not be done based on opinions from third parties. Reshoots will be done at the sole discretion of PHOTOGRAPHER.

    CLIENT agrees that completion of the Session is considered acceptance by CLIENT of all images since CLIENT and PHOTOGRAPHER review images during the Session, and that PHOTOGRAPHER has no liability of any kind as a result of any change of mind by CLIENT at any time after the Session.

    CLIENT understands and agrees that PHOTOGRAPHER is not responsible for or liable in any way for the performance or non-performance of any makeup artist hired by CLIENT for the Session.

    CLIENT understands and agrees that PHOTOGRAPHER is not responsible for or liable in any way for any damage to or loss of CLIENT's belongings or for any personal injury to CLIENT before, during or after the Session.

    CLIENT shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless PHOTOGRAPHER and its agents and employees from and against all claims, damages, losses and expenses, including but not limited to attorneys' fees, arising out of or resulting from the performance of the work described in this Agreement.

    Should either party fail to provide or breach this Agreement in any way, the offending party will be liable for any damages.

    Both parties agree to seek a third-party mediator or arbitrator for any disputes that arise as a result of this Agreement.
  • Signature and Retainer Payment

    After signing and submitting the contract you will be redirected to PayPal to securely process your Retainer. Georgia state sales tax will be applied to your retainer. You do not need a PayPal account to complete the payment--you may also follow the directions to pay with a credit or debit card.

    SessionRetainer fee is NON-REFUNDABLE
  • I have read the entire agreement and I understand the terms. I agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

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