Brooke – Professional Headshot

The super nice and very sharp Brooke stopped by to get her professional headshot taken, and what a pleasure. She has such an energy about her and an amazing smile…..I think that really came out in her headshot. Great to work with you, Brooke!


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Executive Headshot – William {Atlanta Headshot Photographer}

There are some people who have a warmth and a charm that is so endearing, you find yourself opening up to them immediately. William is definitely one of those people. Within minutes of his arrival at the studio we were chatting away about the joys of being the aunt or uncle to kids in the family, travel plans (his to India, mine to Australia), and the challenges of being in client facing businesses. His personality is just so kind and intelligent, even though he has to make some tough calls in his professional life, that we went with the smiling photo that really reflects who he is as a person for his executive headshot.


Atlanta Headshot – Realtor {Nina Parker Studios}

When Jim first walked into the studio for his headshot, I was struck at once by the kind and pleasant vibe he gave off. He was very nice, just a touch softspoken, but very likeable. As we chatted a bit more I got to know more about his history in the Atlanta real estate scene, how he came to know the mutual friend who had referred him (men’s Bible study), and about his family. It was obvious that he’s one of those truly nice guys. Then as we debated tie options he pulled out a sharp looking navy tie with gold emblem–turned out that design was the Marine Corp emblem and Jim proudly served. Wow… he’s also a guy who can take care of business! Just goes to show there is so often more than meets the eye when it comes to meeting people. The tie was the perfect choice to complement Jim’s suit as well as draw attention to his eyes and introduce a subtle personal element in the nod to his military background. Very much enjoyed creating this headshot of Jim to show off his professionalism as well as his friendly personality.


Professional Headshots – Akita {Atlanta Headshot Photographer}

This lady knows how to rock a Theory suit, that’s for sure. Really enjoyed my time getting to know Akita and creating some headshots for her. She has a busy job with lots of traveling involved but strolled in looking like a million bucks even before her time in the hair and makeup chair. She brought two different suits from Theory that looked unique but still very professional–I had never seen those exact styles but thought they looked amazing on her. Here are her images. For more info on headshots visit




Nadine’s Headshot Session – Atlanta Headshot Photographer

Sometimes it’s when you least expect it that you meet interesting people. Attending a large, crowded networking event several months back I decided to take advantage of the food provided, fixed a small plate, and sat down at a nearly empty bar away from the crowd to eat. I wasn’t the only one with that bright idea, and thus I met Nadine. We started chatting, found we actually had some acquaintances in common, and enjoyed a nice conversation. She admitted it had been quite some time since she’d updated her headshot, and said she’d like to come in for a session. Cut to last week when she reached out by email, and we set it up. She thoroughly enjoyed her time having hair and makeup done and chatted with my awesome artist Mr. Scoobie West about products and style tips. Then we created some lovely headshots for her. She was thrilled and I’m very happy knowing she’ll be moving forward proud of the new image she’ll be showcasing on her LinkedIn and marketing materials. Glad to get to know her a bit better–she looks stunning in her wine colored sweater.


Executive Headshot – Lori {Atlanta Headshots}

What a fun and engaging spirit this lady turned out to be. We have mutual friends through church but had never met until she booked her session. From the minute she walked in the door we were laughing and chatting as if we’d known each other forever. She wanted an Executive Headshot that was professional but showed some personality. The soft blue of her blouse with the navy jacket looked amazing with her coloring, and the classic pearl studs and subtle David Yurman necklace were perfect touches.  There were so many good shots to choose from but this one with the smirk and twinkle in her eye turned out to have just the perfect mix of sass and class.  Hair and makeup by the one and only Herbert “Scoobie” West.


NEXPO Trade Show at Cobb Galleria Convention Center

What a fantastic day we had at the trade show put on by ProNetworker and BNI!!  From the minute we rolled in and began setting up we bumped into familiar faces, had great conversations with new acquaintances, had a smooth set up of our booth, enjoyed a well run event, and all in all had a fantastic time.  The new display prints were well received and the team of myself, Jason, and Doc stayed busy all day hearing about peoples’ experiences with headshots, both good and bad, and what they were looking for in updated images for their social media.   It was tremendously eye opening and we learned a lot through the candor and openness of so many who stopped by the table for a chat.

In the next few weeks I’ll be reaching out to everyone and following up with those who inquired and dropped off information.  Thanks for making it a fantastic day!


In the meantime you can find out more about the studio and headshot services at



Atlanta Headshot Photographer Trade Show Table

Professional Headshots – Learfield (Atlanta)

You just never know what to expect when working with new clients, but these two sharp and funny guys were a pleasure. After arriving and setting up in an empty office they each dropped in to get their headshot done and I got to hear about their families and such. They were both very easy to get along with and were in and out quickly and back to their offices. Thanks guys for a very smooth shoot!

Executive Headshot Atlanta Learfield-Headshots-IMG_4024-WEB

Gerald – Atlanta Model Headshots

Since he is building his modeling portfolio and expanding on opportunities here in Atlanta Gerald came in asking for variety in his shots. Some of his recent shoots had been outdoors, so we stayed inside for our session. We kept clothing simple and let lighting and expression create some different moods and personas for him. From natural light to dramatic lighting and from tank tops to corporate suits, Gerald can definitely do it all.