Katie’s Teaser – Actress Headshot Atlanta

Teaser from today: This deserves a capital F….as in Fab and Friday!! Lovely Katie came by this morning for some acting headshots. We had fun even though it got warm and we were ‘schvitzing like a pudding at a picnic’ so to speak. The girl has the perfect ‘pretty with a touch of smolder’ thing happening.



Shelby and Katie – Glamour Pitbull Photo Session

So this is Katie’s girl, Shelby, and we had a fantastic day shooting a few weeks ago. Happily, that was BEFORE it got so crazy hot like it is now!

Katie is a hairstylist and super stylish gal, so dolling up Shelby to do a full out glam session was a great fit. We went pink and sparkly with pearls and they looked amazing. Shelby was a good girl and worked it in her tutu and flower.  It’s a very friendly kind of place so Shelby was admired by both young and old and got a few pets from some kids at the park.  I love showing what a soft, friendly side Pitbulls have and how loving they are.  Thanks again to Katie for doing this Pretty Pup session with Shelby, and to Katie’s friend for coming along and playing puppy wrangler to help out.




Pitbull-Photoshoot-NinaParkerPhotography-Shelby0153  Pitbull-Photoshoot-NinaParkerPhotography-Shelby0161








Pitbull-Photoshoot-NinaParkerPhotography-Shelby0213 copy






Monica – Professional Headshots [Atlanta Headshot Photographer]

So sometimes you find yourself sitting in the studio AN HOUR after the session still talking with your fabulous client like you’re long lost best friends. Which is what happened when Monica came by for professional headshots. We found so many interesting things to chat about ranging from stilettos to Korean BBQ and everything in between. And girl killed it during her session…..just sayin. Here’s the lovely Monica in her Classic Headshot session.


Schoolteacher’s Surprise Proposal – The Big Sneaky Moment!

Here we go!! Dwayne and Falicia’s surprise proposal was everything….and more! Uber talented planner Veronica (of Save the Date Weddings and Events), a personal friend of the couple, had flowers and props and signs ready to go when I arrived at Toomer Elementary, where Falicia teaches.  Dwayne was nervous but excited.  With able assistance from the principal and Falicia’s friends and fellow teachers, we hit the go button and set the plan in to motion.


Atlanta-Wedding-Photographer-Nina-Parker-Photography_0183 Atlanta-Wedding-Photographer-Nina-Parker-Photography_0184


Falicia was lured out of her room through the ruse of a meeting in the principal’s office.  Poor thing….she thought she was getting in trouble!  As soon as she was safely tucked away into her faux meeting, Veronica, Dwayne, and I were let into a side door by a teacher.  We headed upstairs and met up with Falicia’s class to distribute flowers and get the signs and props in place for when Falicia returned.


It seriously was only a few minutes of waiting but felt like FOREVER.  We were so excited for her to return and everyone had their eyes peeled to see her walking around that corner.  Here she comes!!!


At first she read the signs slowly and just stared.  Then a tiny smile trickled across her face as she stepped forward and accepted the first flower.  And then, then it happened:  with Bruno Mars singing in the background via a small speaker, Dwayne stepped out from around the corner and into her view.  These words were floating through the air:  “When I see your face, there’s not a thing that I would change.  Because you’re amazing, just the way you are.”  Then he stepped forward and took her hand.

Atlanta-Wedding-Photographer-Nina-Parker-Photography_0187 Atlanta-Wedding-Photographer-Nina-Parker-Photography_0188


Oh, and you KNOW people were cryin’ ya’ll…..because it was just SO sweet.  Dwayne said some lovely things softly to Falicia that no one else could hear.Atlanta-Wedding-Photographer-Nina-Parker-Photography_0189

Then the moment of truth:  the ring box appeared.



He put a ring on it!!

Atlanta-Wedding-Photographer-Nina-Parker-Photography_0191 Atlanta-Wedding-Photographer-Nina-Parker-Photography_0192


She said yes!Atlanta-Wedding-Photographer-Nina-Parker-Photography_0194 Atlanta-Wedding-Photographer-Nina-Parker-Photography_0195

Falicia’s class was super excited to be involved by presenting her with flowers.Atlanta-Wedding-Photographer-Nina-Parker-Photography_0196

Once it really sunk in there was just joy, joy, joy.

Atlanta-Wedding-Photographer-Nina-Parker-Photography_0197 Atlanta-Wedding-Photographer-Nina-Parker-Photography_0198 Atlanta-Wedding-Photographer-Nina-Parker-Photography_0199

The happy couple!!!Atlanta-Wedding-Photographer-Nina-Parker-Photography_0200

Falicia and Dwayne’s cute portraits coming tomorrow!!

Schoolteacher’s Surprise Proposal – Sneak Peak

This is one way to make a Friday FABULOUS!! So much fun to be involved in this sweet and charming proposal pulled off by this groom-to-be with help from planner extraordinaire, the brilliantly detailed Veronica Ferbeyre-Oliver of Save the Date Weddings and Events.  Or maybe it satisfies my secret wish to be a super cool spy, with all the sneaking around.  Either way, so rewarding to see a plan come to fruition resulting in surprise, joy, and tears from all involved.  Congrats to the happy couple!


A few teasers from the event…..more to come!




The co-conspirators, poised and ready to go with their signs for her to see as she returned to class from a (fake) meeting arranged as a distraction.



Wanna guess what she said?  So sweet.Proposal-Surprise-Schoolteacher-Atlanta-NinaParkerPhotography-0385


And the crowd…..went…..WILD!Proposal-Surprise-Schoolteacher-Atlanta-NinaParkerPhotography-0393

By the enthusiasm of all her fellow teachers and students it’s easy to tell how loved she is at her school.Proposal-Surprise-Schoolteacher-Atlanta-NinaParkerPhotography-0401 Proposal-Surprise-Schoolteacher-Atlanta-NinaParkerPhotography-0415

Her students could hardly wait to present her with flowers.

Proposal-Surprise-Schoolteacher-Atlanta-NinaParkerPhotography-0417 Proposal-Surprise-Schoolteacher-Atlanta-NinaParkerPhotography-0447

The architect of the details, Veronica, enjoying a moment and some emotion with the happy couple.


The answer is……


Teacher playing hookie for a few minutes with her love, holding hands and canoodling in the classroom.



More to come, including the big moment and some portraits of the newly engaged couple.  Stay tuned!!