Behind the Scenes – Peeking Behind the Curtain on a Real Photo Shoot {Atlanta Headshot Photographer}

Behind the Scenes……a day in the life here at the studio.  The lovely Joan came in today for a business headshot for LinkedIn.  We used natural light in the studio space for her shoot, reviewed them together in the Client Room, and made a final decision to select her new headshot.  Easy peasy!  Now her new business portrait will be edited and emailed to her so che can attract great new contacts and business opportunities all across Atlanta and beyond.


Adrian – Atlanta Actress Headshot

Since I know Adrian’s dad through a networking group it was only natural that he gave me a shout when his daughter needed acting headshots. Adrian is looking at some exciting opportunities and had a particularly promising audition in Atlanta coming up fast so we got her into the studio ASAP. With so many TV shows and movies filming in the ATL these days it pays to be prepared and ready to seize the moment.

Headshot for a Digital Brand Strategist – Atlanta Headshot Photographer

Not everyone can say they consult for huge conglomerates and industry leaders for their digital brand strategies. Angie, however, is one of these people. She regularly interacts with movers and shakers, decision makers, and is comfortable and confidant in front of corporate audiences. She also has another professional identity as a global representative of business in a governmental/policy-type organization. When we talked about all this during our Skype consultation my reaction was, “Wow….okay–that is a lot to consider.” The question was, how to interpret this in terms of styling, body language, facial expression, color scheme, and essentially how to go about creating an image that immediately communicated her intelligence and proficiency while keeping her looking approachable. Going with her favorite color of blue was easy–then it was a matter of experimenting with pose and micro expression to get just what we wanted. And here are the results!

AngieGraves-Headshots-NinaParkerStudio-0033-WEB AngieGraves-Headshots-NinaParkerStudio-0106-WEB

Contemporary Headshots for Young Executives – Atlanta Headshot Photographer

When Nick initially contacted me about creating some marketing images for his company, I felt right away he would be a great client to work with. Knowing more than a bit about photography himself, he was educated about lighting and composition and had a clear vision for the results he wanted. Sure, he could have placed his own DSLR camera on a tripod and gotten a good result, but he recognized that there’s more to good images than simply owning the tool that can do the job.  Nick is a young entrepreneur, and he wanted headshots and personal branding images that were contemporary and upscale.  Not many people request black and white headshots, but an edgy black and white look was something he was definitely interested in.  We went back and forth with some examples and planning emails, then set the time and date. His wife Anna ended up booking a time shortly after his, so she arrived a few hours later to have her headshots done, some with the same lighting look as her husband’s for continuity and then a few for her own use.  Being coached through different poses and a variety of expressions created headshots they were really pleased with, and is something they could not have achieved on their own.  They were both so nice to work with and I think they look fantastic in their headshots.







Katie’s Teaser – Actress Headshot Atlanta

Teaser from today: This deserves a capital F….as in Fab and Friday!! Lovely Katie came by this morning for some acting headshots. We had fun even though it got warm and we were ‘schvitzing like a pudding at a picnic’ so to speak. The girl has the perfect ‘pretty with a touch of smolder’ thing happening.



Monica – Professional Headshots [Atlanta Headshot Photographer]

So sometimes you find yourself sitting in the studio AN HOUR after the session still talking with your fabulous client like you’re long lost best friends. Which is what happened when Monica came by for professional headshots. We found so many interesting things to chat about ranging from stilettos to Korean BBQ and everything in between. And girl killed it during her session…..just sayin. Here’s the lovely Monica in her Classic Headshot session.


Brooke – Professional Headshot

The super nice and very sharp Brooke stopped by to get her professional headshot taken, and what a pleasure. She has such an energy about her and an amazing smile…..I think that really came out in her headshot. Great to work with you, Brooke!


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