About Nina

Although it seems like I’ve been taking pictures my entire life, my path toward professional photography truly began with the impending birth of my first nephew.   Blindly walking into a local camera store I emerged with an all manual 35mm camera and a few rolls of film, and was instantly hooked.  The next few months I obsessively took pictures of everything (and I do mean everything) I could, producing some pathetic landscapes and blurry action shots as well as some black and white images of my grandmother in her home that are invaluable now.  Very quickly I realized that while I appreciate interesting composition and artistry, it’s the soul and emotion in photographs that makes an image sing.  For me, that is found in the human experience:

I am a people photographer.

One nephew eventually became three as our family expanded, and as babies turned into fast-moving toddlers I upgraded to a camera with auto-focus and then a digital SLR a few years later.  Photographing my own family expanded to photographing for friends:  engagements, weddings, new babies, and family portraits.  After several years juggling an unfulfilling full time job with my burgeoning  business I decided to pursue photography full time  and enjoy every day I can create fantastic images for clients and pursue my passion.

In addition to my professional work I enjoy using my skills to give back. I am a participating photographer with the Littlest Heroes Project (now Inspiration Through Art), an organization dedicated to capturing memories for families with children suffering from a serious illness or life altering disability. For more information please visit their site: www.inspirationthroughart.org   Another organization to which I donate time is Operation Love Reunited, a non-profit volunteer organization that offers professional photography sessions to military families.

I look forward to hearing your story and working together to create an image that reflects the unique person you are.

“Life is like photography: you use negatives to develop.” -Unknown


“I was in need of a professional headshot and a quick internet search directed me to Nina’s photography business. We started the photo shoot with me revealing I smile like Chandler Bing from the TV show, Friends. Nina understood that reference and helped me correct my smile and appearance to the point that I am very happy with the final pictures. Nina is a great photographer who has the ability to immediately connect with and relate to her customers. THANK YOU Nina!” -Sumner Case



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